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Importing Livestock

From The Horn Of Africa, Europe And Australia



Ofuq AL Tamayuz For Trading Co, launched in 1428 AH from Jeddah, to provide live import livestock services from several international countries and provide all its services inside and outside the Jeddah Islamic Port starting with the first import and customs clearance procedures and ending with the delivery of the goods to the customer's site,

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We have been providing our services for more than 25 years with dedication and effort in the fields of customs clearance, operating services, contracting, live livestock and transportation from a very city to all cities of the Kingdom.


We Provide Livestock Import Services Through Jeddah Islamic Port. During The Past Years We Have Provided Our Services To Several Institutions And Companies In The Field Of Importing Livestock From The Countries Of The Horn Of Africa, Europe And Australia, And We Are Proud Of Our Distinguished Relationship With Our Clients And Success Partners, As Well As The Distinguished Services That We Provide With Every Effort And Dedication.

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Operation Services

Our Operating Services Are One Of The Most Important Services That We Provide To Our Customers, We Have Well Trained Workers And Have Extensive Experience In Sorting And Loading Whatever The Type And Number Of The Goods So Our Responsibility Towards This Goods Is Its Delivery To Our Customer Without Any Damage Or Difference In Sorting And Loading

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Custom Clearance

We Provide Customs Clearance Services Within Jeddah Islamic Port, Whether The Type Of Goods Is Import, Export Or Even Re-Export, We Have Sufficient Experience That Makes Us Proudly Among The Best Providers Of Customs Clearance Services For Many Years And Years To Come, Our Dear Customers Testify To Us Of Our Credibility And Transparency In Dealing With Them, This Is All We Aim For Our Dealings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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You're Required to have these documents in order to import livestock:

  • Valid CR.

  • Activity (import Livestock) must be written on CR.

  • Import Authorization Letter from MEWA.

  • Stockyard.

It depends on the shipment export country, if your shipment exported from Sudan it'll take up to 2 days sailing.

If the shipment exported from Europe it'll take up to 15 days.

We don't, But we can provide the shipping through our trusted shipping agencies partners.

We provide all kind of custome clearance in Jeddah Islamic Port:

  • Import

  • Export

  • Re-Export

We have a trusted partners can offer a best transportation services , so you don't have to worry about the transportation.

Success Partners

We are proud of our distinguished relationship with success partners that spanned many years and years to come.


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