Custom Clearance

We Provide a Custom Clearance services

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Custom Clearance

We Provide Customs Clearance Services Within Jeddah Islamic Port, Whether The Type Of Goods Is Import, Export Or Even Re-Export, We Have Sufficient Experience That Makes Us Proudly Among The Best Providers Of Customs Clearance Services For Many Years And Years To Come, Our Dear Customers Testify To Us Of Our Credibility And Transparency In Dealing With Them, This Is All We Aim For Our Dealings

Customs clearance areas

Import Goods

We have a proven record throughout the past years in providing customs clearance services - importing goods - through Jeddah Islamic Port, more than 320 establishments have been serviced in the field of import including the import of livestock, the import of personal vehicles, fruits and vegetables, feed for livestock, medical supplies, and others Many

Export Goods

We have exported many local goods such as furniture, plastic materials, foodstuffs, vehicles, agricultural tools and many other types of goods to several countries in the African and Asian continent and several international organizations and companies.


We have extensive experience in the field of re-export of previously imported goods or goods that pass through the Jeddah Islamic Port, where we end all procedures related to the port and procedures related to shipping ending with the delivery of the shipment to the final destination.

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